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An Experienced Legal Partner To Build Your Business

Starting a business requires the active participation of a reliable and experienced adviser to set up a solid legal framework to protect owners and stakeholders. I am attorney Richard Rice, and for the past 30 years, I have addressed the legal needs of entrepreneurs and the business community with a wide variety of services.

At the The Law Office of Richard R. Rice in San Diego, I have become the trusted legal partner of my clients. I have extensive experience in all areas of the life of a business, from formation through operations and management, disputes and sale.

Quality Services At Reasonable Rates

As we discuss your needs and particular elements, I will develop tailored solutions and draft the required documents to protect you and your business. The services I provide at The Law Office of Richard R. Rice include:

  • Entity selection and formation
  • Business planning
  • Business governance
  • Business operations
  • Contract creation, negotiation and review
  • Business dispute resolution
  • Partner-member dispute resolution
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Lease negotiation and review
  • Protecting the corporate veil

Why Do I Need To Consider A Business Lawyer?

Many business professionals simply download a form, register with the secretary of state and think that they’re in business. Unfortunately, those are only the first steps in the process. Many entrepreneurs do not fully consider the types of liability they will incur or how to fully protect their personal and family assets. Most importantly, they need to determine how to separate their assets from the business and its operation. Failure to properly structure your business and follow required governance compliance exposes you to personal liability in litigation and creditor actions.

Operational and governance agreements clearly establish the roles, contributions and responsibilities of each party. Through these legal documents, you can anticipate all the developments that your new venture may face while providing structure and specifying the processes to be followed, which will protect you during the life of your business.

A business lawyer can assist you in structuring and negotiating critical agreements with members, shareholders, partners, business associates, employees, vendors and suppliers. The main goal will be to maintain your competitive edge while protecting your assets and, ultimately, achieving your business goals.

As the trusted legal advisor of my clients across California, I have witnessed the traps they have encountered and the challenges they have faced. I have dedicated myself to helping business clients avoid these mistakes and work through any challenges that arise.

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Let me build a solid legal basis with you to protect your business. Call 760-452-0622 or fill out this online form to schedule your free initial consultation. We will discuss your vision and your business goals, and develop the strategies and structure that will help you accomplish them. I am proud to serve the North San Diego County business owners.