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Comprehensive Legal Representation: From Lease Drafting To Litigation

In any type of lease agreement, it is important to ensure that it comprehensively and accurately captures the intent of the parties. It is not simply a “fill-in-the-blanks” form that leaves both parties vulnerable to misunderstandings and potential litigation.

I’m attorney Richard Rice, and with 30 years of experience in real estate law, business formation and litigation, and commercial lease transactions and litigation, I can help my clients protect their interests. At The Law Office of Richard R. Rice in San Diego, my goal is to guide you through any real estate venture.

Tailored Legal Advice To Shield Your Finances And Property

Through my years of litigation practice, I have gained experience that allows me to advise clients in the ways to avoid the pitfalls that may disrupt their plans. Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, I will work with you to draft a lease or other documents that will help protect your interests. These include payment terms, use and alterations of the property, hazardous waste issues, permitting, utilities and insurance.

An effective commercial lease must establish the parties’ respective rights and responsibilities. Each transaction is unique, and these agreements need to be customized to protect both parties and ensure a harmonious relationship during the term of the lease.

Even with a carefully drafted lease, misunderstandings may sometimes still arise. My years of litigation experience gives me the ability to not only draft your lease but also take action to enforce your rights in the event of a dispute.

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